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Instant Products



Greeting Cards
Photo Calendar
You can design and print these products at the Photo kiosk and take them away with you.
The Photo kiosk not only allows you to order your photos, photo products and the Light CEWE PHOTOBOOK as before.
You can also design and print your photos, greeting cards and calendars on the spot and take them away with you.

Print your photos on the spot and take them home

Can’t wait to get your hands on your best pictures of that family party? Want to show your holiday pictures to your friends, even though you only got back today?
At the new Photo kiosk you can print photos and other pictures right there in the shop and take them away with you - top quality images on high-grade photo paper.

Print photo greeting cards quickly and easily

Whether you have forgotten a birthday or want to congratulate your friends on their new baby: Now you no longer have to opt for standard cards when you need a greeting card in a hurry.
At the Photo kiosk you can print your own personal cards in just a few minutes, whatever the occasion, with your photo, your own text and our attractive design templates! Benefits of instant printing: Photo greeting cards also available in singles!

Attractive photo calendars in the blink of an eye!

The ideal last-minute gift for friends and relatives: a 15 x 20 cm calendar with your personal photos!
At the new Photo kiosk you can print twelve individual months’ pages and a cover in just a few minutes - and take them away with you. Particularly practical: There is a choice of attractive layouts to help you create your instant print calendar, and you can choose your starting month.
Collage Poster
Instant Products



Instant Products



Now your photos will make a really big impression!

Your special memories deserve a special format! Many pictures only really come into their own as posters: memories of your last holiday, your best wedding photo or a portrait of your loved ones.

Or you can go for a poster format to focus on specific details. Your digital photos on top-quality photo paper, up to 20 x 30 cm.

Particularly decorative: Your personalised collage poster

Your best photos together on one picture: with your own background or attractive design and collage templates. First choose your photos with the “automatic collage” function, the Photo kiosk can create an attractive collage poster in an instant.
Or you can design your work of art yourself with the aid of our wide range of templates.

Passport photos printed instantly!

Is tomorrow the deadline for applying for your dream job? At the Photo kiosk you can also print passport photos – super-quick and top quality!
The best thing is to bring your latest passport photo as a digital image.

Back up your data from the storage medium to DVD

No time to lose? No photos to lose? No problem. With the Photo kiosk you can not only design and print photos and photo products right there and then, or order them from the lab at unbeatable prices.
You can also burn all the data from your storage medium (e.g. memory card) direct to the Photo Archive DVD. Put the memory card back into the camera, erase all and off you go - new photo opportunities await!
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