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Foam Print Photo

Foam Print Photo

Large formats, elegantly presented


Rail mounting
Metal brackets
Elegant look-and-feel, great price!

Hard foam board is a modern, top-quality material but it is also affordable.
It is made from PVC foam so it is very light. Your picture is UV-printed directly onto a white Forex sheet, using a sophisticated, patented, seven colour printing system, producing a stylish presentation for your pictures in a matt finish.

You decide the size and format of your foam print. Starting with the classical 20×30cm format, we can offer you square formats and large panoramic prints up to 1.5 metres wide.

We also offer optional fixing attachments to suspend your print on your wall, including a rear rail system, as is used in many galleries. The distance from the wall is approx. 1 cm and your picture appears to float in front of it, as this wall attachment is not visible when you look at the picture.

The smaller sizes:
(20×30cm, 30×30cm, 30×40cm and 30×45cm)
are supplied with polished metal brackets instead of the rail system.

We also offer a knob system visible from the front, for which a screw goes through the four corners of the picture.  It has an approx. 2cm clearance from the wall. If you choose this suspension system the print will be delivered with the necessary screw-holes in the four corners of the picture.

Screw mounting

Product information

Photo printed directly onto ½ cm thick Forex board

20×30cm, 30×30cm, 30×40cm, 
30×45cm, 30×90cm, 40×40cm, 
40×50cm, 40×60cm, 40×120cm, 
45×60cm, 50×50cm, 50×60cm, 
50×70cm, 50×75cm, 50×150cm, 
60×60cm, 60×80cm, 60×90cm, 
70×70cm, 70×100cm, 80×80cm, 
80×100cm, 80×120cm, 90×90cm, 
90×120cm, 100×100cm, 100×150cm 

Turnaround time
approx. 5-7 working days
From £ 23.49 *
*All prices include VAT unless indicated otherwise. Goods will be subject to a P&P charge. See price list for details.