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Gallery Print

Gallery Print

The most elegant look for your photographs


Rail mounting
Metal brackets
The best possible finish for
your photographs!

First your picture is UV-printed directly onto the back of 4mm strong acrylic glass: Then it is sealed on the back with a 3mm thick sheet of aluminium dibond. This gives it the brilliance and depth of acrylic glass combined with the strength of aluminium dibond. You get a fine quality product that will give you pleasure for a long time.

Choose the appropriate format, either in the classical photo aspect ratio or in an unusual panoramic format up to 50×150cm. You can even combine several different sizes.

We also offer optional fixing attachments to suspend your print on your wall, including a rear rail system, as is used in many galleries. The distance from the wall is approx. 1 cm and your picture will appear to be floating in front of it, as this wall attachment is not visible when looking at the picture. 

The smaller formats:
(20×30cm, 30×30cm, 30×40cm and 30×45cm) are supplied with polished metal brackets instead of the rail system.

Alternatively, you can opt for a screw system which goes through the four corners of the picture, so it’s visible. The holes are also drilled into the picture for you.
Screw mounting

Product information

Photo printed directly onto the back of 4mm strong acrylic glass, sealed on the back with 3mm thick aluminium dibond

20×30cm, 30×30cm, 30×40cm, 
30×45cm, 30×90cm, 40×40cm, 
40×50cm, 40×60cm, 40×120cm, 
45×60cm, 50×50cm, 50×60cm, 
50×70cm, 50×75cm, 50×150cm, 
60×60cm, 60×80cm, 60×90cm, 
70×70cm, 70×100cm, 80×80cm, 
80×100cm, 80×120cm, 90×90cm, 
90×120cm, 100×100cm, 100×150cm 

Turnaround time
Approx. 9-11 working days
From £ 39.99 *
*All prices include VAT unless indicated otherwise. Goods will be subject to a P&P charge. See price list for details.